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  • Turnkey Projects

    • In cooperation with leading manufacturers and suppliers, Orientmed provides healthcare turnkey project services. With our long experience in the healthcare business, we will help you achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.
    • Turnkey solution services range from strategic advice to complete project delivery. Our consultant will carefully design and plan, medical equipping, and manage new healthcare facilities. They also will take care of renovations, upgrade, and extensions services.
    • Orientmed strives to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into innovative designs that ensure a seamless process of health service delivery.

    We help healthcare providers present the best care possible and consider patient-centered care in patients’ management. On the other hand, we help the patient find the continuum of medical care that is safe and cost-effective.

    How We Operate


    Orientmed offers a true specialization in healthcare staff. Led by certified healthcare engineer having more than 20years experience , we do focuses exclusively on the unique requirements and next generation needs of hospitals and outpatient facilities.
    Efficient, flexible, light-filled health facilities contribute to faster patient recovery time, lower risks of infection, and enhanced employee satisfaction. Our healthcare designs with these factors in mind


    Although the roles of architects and interior designers are more widely understood, many are less familiar with the specialized role of the medical planner. Medical planners’ actions and roles can be wide-ranging, but focus on  particular areas:

    • understanding the implications of the evolution of healthcare
    • advocating for patients and users in the design
    • ensuring compliance with applicable regulations


    A well-planned healthcare space works better, provides greater efficiency for physicians, nurses and staff, which leads to better care and greater comfort for patients. Our medical planning play a key role in creating that space. Planners observe and analyze a client’s needs, in collaboration with project designers, technical architects and engineers and establishes the optimal relationships among buildings, departments and rooms.


    Our integrated approach to quality results in owners enjoying a highly satisfactory client experience and Value through clear design documents resulting in lower bids, integrated construction quality activities eliminating rework, earlier completion schedules, tested and verified system and assembly performance eliminating operational issues and ultimately reducing operating costs.

    Our Services

    We cover all phases from feasibility study, pre-planning, project planning approval planning, construction planning, tendering, contract proposal, site supervision and accounting to guarantee supervision.

    in cooperation with leading international firms  , we  providing healthcare consultancy, turnkey design and construction of new hospitals, medical equipping and the operation and management of healthcare facilities

    • Medical and non-medical equipment planning
    • Design , architect and engineering
    • Feasibility studies
    • Construction supervision
    • Project management
    • Supply chain management
    • Budget and risk management
    • Cost estimation
    • Contract administration
    • Initial operations
    • Turnkey solutions

    Healthcare Solutions

    • If you plan for renovation or new construction of any healthcare facility and business, our experienced consultants will be able to supply you with the most inclusive, integrated, and systematic medical equipment planning and procurement advisory services, guaranteeing efficient outcomes.
    • Quality certificate coaching , healthcare organizations aim to be differentiated in the competitive job market by acquiring national and international certifications.
    • Hospitals and Primary Health Care Centers Accreditation : Accreditation, quality and continuous improvement have become a fundamental part of health services’ activities.
    • Healthcare Management :managing support services at a healthcare organization require special tactics to avoid the waste in resources and maintain profitability.
    • Abroad training for doctors , nurses, technicians and engineers